Weekend Wrap-Up: Delivery Man & Birchbox

This week’s Weekend Wrap-Up is coming to you a day late so I could tell you about  a special event sponsored by Birchbox that I attended last night.  Birchbox’s theme this month is “More Good”– giving back, giving to others, and indulging yourself too. What could be more perfect  for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays? To celebrate the “More Good” theme they hosted an advance screening of the new Vince Vaughn movie Delivery Man for some of the NYC Birchbloggers and I was lucky enough to get two tickets.  We met up with the Birchbox team at the Crosby Hotel in SoHo last night for the screening and were  lavished with sodas, popcorn, and complimentary Birchboxes on our way out!


My boyfriend loved digging into his Birchbox Man box, and is even debating signing up for his own monthly subscription. (And I’m hoping I can get him to do a guest post once he gives everything in this box a good test run!) Since I know my monthly Birchbox is on the way I figured I’d stick with the “More Good” theme of the evening and pass my box along to a fellow beauty loving friend. I hope she enjoys it!

Overall the movie was fun, with lots of laughs and a few “aww” moments.  I would definitely recommend seeing it with your family when it hits theatres soon. After the screening we stopped by a local bar for a couple of drinks to continue the date night– overall a pretty fun Monday!

Have you seen any great movies lately? My sister and I love watching movies together when we’re home for the holidays, so I’m looking for some new additions to our “must watch” list. Leave a comment and share your favorites!

-LMC ♥

Weekend Wrap-up #5

This was one of those non-stop weekends that remind me why I moved to New York City… there is literally always something going on! I kicked off the weekend on Friday night by going for drinks down in Tribeca with an old friend and his wife who were in town for a wedding. It was great to introduce them to my boyfriend and catch up on what we’ve all been up to since the last time I saw them. Saturday started early with a birthday brunch with one of my best friends and her parents down in Soho, and afterward I took advantage of being in the neighborhood to pop by the Makeup Forever boutique in the Soho Sephora (plus a few other shops in the neighborhood too!) Later that evening we headed to the Lower East Side to celebrate a joint birthday party for two great friends at a beer hall. By this point I was running on fumes, so once I had the chance to say hello and catch up with everyone we went home for some late night pizza and it was off to bed. Sunday was spent with some family who were in town, showing them our favorite spots in the neighborhood and going out for delicious Italian food and gelato! After such a crazy weekend I feel like I need another two full days just to relax, but I can’t complain that the past few days have been filled with so much fun and amazing people.

And now that you’ve gotten the rundown on my weekend activities, here’s a quick Outfit Of The Day (night?) from Friday:


Clothes: Mossimo leather jacket (a bit too big!), Alexander McQueen scarf, Gap tank top, Uniqlo leggings, and Blowfish booties // Face: MAC Lady Danger lipstick, Ray-Ban glasses

What did you do this weekend? I hope you had just as much fun as I did,  but perhaps a little time to relax too! I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of my October Birchbox that finally arrived in the mail today. See you then!

-LMC ♥

Weekend Wrap-up #1

Fall temperatures hit New York City this past weekend, and I for one am enjoying the fresh crisp in the air. Even more lovely than the autumnal weather was the weekend’s anniversary celebration with my wonderful boyfriend. Rather than buying presents we opted to surprise one another by planning celebratory activities around the city. I’d been speculating on what his plans would hold, but I managed to make it to Friday night with only the instructions to “be ready at 7:30 pm and wear something nice.”

I opted for a coral red dress from Target that was a perfect match to my new Lady Danger lipstick by MAC. The boyfriend sported a gray H&M blazer with Diesel jeans and some notable anxiety as our cabbie wove through side streets as we tried to make it down to SoHo in time for our reservation. We pulled up at L’Ecole just in time, as I let out a gasp of excitement when our evening’s plans were revealed.

L’Ecole is the award-winning restaurant run by the students and instructors of NYC’s International Culinary Center, and a spot that I’d been dying to try for months. After settling in at our cozy table for two we began with an amuse bouche of salted cod croquette (for him) and chilled corn soup (for me). Next our appetizers arrived- a hearty market salad for me featuring kale, roasted beets, walnuts, and green apples and a house-made pasta with peas and mushrooms in a Parmesan broth for him. The mushrooms were by far some of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted, and luckily my boyfriend was kind enough to let me steal a few from his plate! For the entree course I had a roasted eggplant topped with a tomato jam and homemade ricotta on a grilled flatbread and my boyfriend enjoyed a perfectly cooked roast duck and potato terrine. Finally we wrapped up the delicious meal with a hazelnut cake and Earl Grey ice cream, coconut pannacotta, and fruit tartlette with cinnamon and date ice cream for dessert.

Overall our meal was excellent, and was nicely complimented by our gracious server who answered all of our questions and guided me seamlessly towards the menu’s vegetarian options. As amateur foodies this was the perfect surprise outing for our anniversary, and we’re already planning our next trip to L’Ecole on a special occasion the next time family are visiting the city.

Saturday afternoon was time for my activity, a secret that I successfully kept until we walked up to Pier 62 to check in to our sunset cruise on the Schooner Adirondack. A bit of a cheeseball outing, I know, but I wanted to give us both a memorable and relaxing evening doing something together that we’d never done before. We boarded the 80-foot sailboat just prior to sunset and got settled in on a bench on the port side. We enjoyed a small picnic and a few Pork Slap ales and took in gorgeous views of the downtown skyline and Statue of Liberty. Aside from a few rowdy gents out for a bachelor party the majority of our shipmates were a tranquil bunch, and the sunset over the water and quiet flapping of the sails made for the perfect evening of relaxation.

Saturday's trip on the Schooner Adirondack

Saturday’s trip on the Schooner Adirondack


All in all it was a lovely weekend full of new memories that marked an excellent way to celebrate our first year together. It was tough to head back to real life this morning with an early conference call, but I suppose it’s just four more days until our next fun weekend. I’ll be back with another Weekend Wrap-up next Monday to share what we’ve been up to since then!

-LMC ♥