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Birchbox- December 2013

It seems like I was just telling you guys about my November Birchbox, and my December box already showed up in the mail yesterday. Three cheers for on time delivery! I’d say this was a decent month of beauty samples, so keep reading to find out what goodies were in my December Birchbox…


FusionBeauty Lash Fusion XL Mascara – This mascara has a nutrient infused formula and dry formula that’s supposed to enhance length and volume. It is definitely dry, so much so that it’s difficult to build up much product on your lashes. If you’re looking for a natural look this would be a good mascara to try, but it doesn’t deliver dramatic volume or length. The brush has fluffy natural bristles that I typically enjoy, but it’s so huge that it’s difficult to use on my slightly smaller eyes. If you’ve been blessed with doe eyes and gorgeous natural lashes, maybe this mascara would work for you, but I need something that packs more of a punch.


Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray – This texturising spray has a light fresh scent and gives a little grit and piecyness when sprayed into my dry hair. I haven’t tried it on damp hair yet, but I’m excited to give it a go.

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips – It seems like no matter how good my Birchboxes are, they usually come with one dud, and this month it’s Dr. Lipp’s balm. For all I know it could be an amazing product, but the sample I received was completely dried up and congealed inside the tube. I had to squeeze with all my might to even get a small amount out to show you. From what I can tell it’s a colorless unscented balm, but given that my sample definitely seems past its prime, I have no idea how the product should actually look/smell/perform.


Twistband Hair Tie – I don’t use hairties very often since I sport a chin-length bob, but I do use the occasional one to throw my hair half up before washing my face so I suppose I’ll get some use out of this. I’ve used Twistbands before, and I do prefer them over traditional hair elastics since they don’t pull as much or leave a dent in your hair. I also appreciate that it’s a neutral color like black, which is more my style than their brighter offerings.

Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Perfecting Polisher – This product is another example of Birchbox giving scant instructions on how to use a skincare item and leaving me totally stumped. It’s a clear gel with a light fragrance that felt slightly soapy when I put a bit on the back of my hand. The card included with my box says, “Massage a dime-sized amount into clean, dry skin for 30 seconds. Perfect for on-the-go use.” Calling this product a ‘perfecting polisher’ made me think it was an exfoliator, but the directions say nothing about rinsing off, and I can’t imagine using an exfoliator on the go. I’m going to check out other reviews on the  Birchbox website to see how others are using this and maybe I can get a better idea of what the heck to do with it!

As usual there were a few hits, a few misses, and a few “meh”s in this month’s box. If you have a Birchbox subscription, what did you get this month? Leave a comment and let me know!

-LMC ♥