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Make Up For Ever Academy New York Open House

Last week I had the exciting opportunity to attend an open house at the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Academy New York to celebrate the launch of their new Intensive programs. Although I’m far from becoming a professional makeup artist, attending this open house was a fun way to learn more about the MUFE educational programs and meet some of their instructors and alumni. There were also about 50 other makeup lovers like myself in attendance and during breaks we got to chat over light refreshments about our careers, hobbies, and of course our favorite products.


I don’t work for MUFE, so I won’t try to sell you on their program, but I will say I was very impressed by the quality and breadth of subjects covered in their “Long” program (a 6 month makeup artist training course). It seems the intent of these new Intensive programs is to teach short sections of the Long course over sessions that last just a few weeks, or even one day or weekend seminars. For someone like me who’s interested in beauty, but hasn’t made makeup their career, these shorter sessions sound perfect! To learn more about the MUFE Academy and its programs I’d suggest visiting their website here.

Aside from the general information we received about the MUFE Academy and the new Intensive programs, we also were treated to a class in color theory and foundation mixing by their instructors, Floriane David, Jennifer Evans, and Emily Edgar. This lesson utilized the Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case, a product that’s always intrigued me, but I’ve been afraid to try. Using just the yellow, blue, red, brown, and white shades from the palette the instructors showed us how to evaluate skin undertones and mix colors to create the perfectly matched custom foundation. Along with their explanations the instructors demonstrated on two models of varying skin tones and allowed us in the audience to give feedback on what color should be added to the foundation mix next to achieve the perfect match.

Once the demonstration was over we were set loose with our own mini Flash palette and a partner and went about trying to create a match to their skin tone. This totally took me back to my Art 101 days from college, and after about 30 minutes of painstaking mixing, checking, adding more colors, mixing, and checking again, I finally achieved the perfect shade of sand beige to match my partner’s skin. I’ve mixed two or three foundation shades at home before trying to color match myself, but creating a totally custom color just using primary colors was a big accomplishment!


After about 3 hours at the MUFE Academy I left with some great new tricks on how to customize foundation and a lot of intrigue about their upcoming Intensive courses. Once more information is available online (about one month from now) I’ll explore a bit more and keep you posted on whether I decide to join one of their new short courses. While the Sephora classes I’ve attended have been great (I just signed up for their new 2014 offerings, so watch for more posts coming soon!), taking some courses at the MUFE Academy could certainly help build my beauty knowledge and step up my game, plus it just sounds like a lot of fun!

-LMC ♥