Fall Empties Week- Makeup


Welcome to the final post in this Fall’s Empties Week. Let’s get to the good stuff today– makeup!


Elf Small Stipple Brush – This was a great stippling brush for applying cream blush or highlighter, but as you can see the ferrule detached itself from the handle. For $3 I can’t complain too much about the quality, and I will likely pick up another in the future.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla – I got a sample of this concealer from Sephora after hearing rave reviews, but unfortunately I didn’t feel it lived up to the hype. Maybe I need to give it a longer try (this sample just lasted 2 applications), but it didn’t seem as hydrating or full-coverage as I was expecting.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara (waterproof) – This mascara did a good job adding volume and length to my lashes. I have a pretty big backlog of mascaras I plan to test out first, but once I run out my stash I would give Falsies another go.

Sula Beauty Cream Eyeshadow – My local Duane Reade was clearing out their Sula Beauty products, so I picked up this cream shadow to see how it compared to the Maybelline Color Tattoos. It fell hopelessly short, showing up sheer and patchy on my eyes and creasing after only an hour. I can see why they were getting rid of this at 75% off!

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – This setting spray does an excellent job of locking my foundation in place and taking away the look of any excess powder. Currently I’m testing out the NYX setting spray, and while it’s good, I still think All Nighter is #1. I will definitely pick up another bottle the next time I’m at Nordstrom Rack or there’s an Urban Decay sale on Haute Look.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in Translucent – I’m still on the quest for a perfect translucent setting powder, but Rimmel Stay Matte is the best I’ve come across so far. It also adds a bit of extra coverage which is great when layering it over a light coverage BB cream or tinted moisturizer. This is probably the fourth compact I’ve gone through, and I will continue to repurchase until something beats it!

ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick – ELF products can definitely be hit or miss, but with their $1-$3 price tag it doesn’t hurt to try out a new offering even if it ends up being a dud. Unfortunately this was the case with their Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick, which creased almost immediately and slid and transferred all over my (non-oily) lids. Perhaps combined with a heavy duty eye primer you could make this work, but I’ll go back to shadow sticks that can really hold up, like the Jordana 12-hour Shadow Pencils (they’re awesome!)

Generic Makeup Sponge – Unfortunately I can’t remember the brand of this sponge, but it’s clearly a generic drugstore knock off of the Beauty Blender. I only included it so I could have another chance to say home AMAZING the Beauty Blender is, and that it is entirely worth the $20 price tag. I have yet to find a drugstore version that applies my foundation so seamlessly, although I have heard good things about the new Real Techniques sponge– maybe I’ll give that a try next.

Sonia Kashuk Lash Brush – This lash/brow grooming brush worked well for about 6 months, but then the bristles started coming out. Normally I can handle the bit of shedding that can come with inexpensive  brushes, but when a rough bristle comes out in my eye when I’m combing my lashes, that’s unacceptable!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at my recycling pile during Fall Empties Week. If it has inspired you to clear out or use up some of your stash leave a comment to let me know! Have a great weekend…

-LMC ♥

Fall Empties Week- Body Products


Welcome to post #3 in my Fall Empties Week series! If you’re just joining, feel free to scroll back to yesterday and Monday’s posts on the haircare and skincare/hygiene products I’ve recently used up, along with mini reviews and feedback on whether I’d repurchase that particular product. Tonight let’s get started with some body empties…


Tree Hut Coconut & Lime Shea Sugar Body Scrub – This was a great body scrub that wasn’t too harsh, as the sugar dissolves quickly and the particles aren’t too large or jagged. It also imparts a rich oily feel that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. (Spoiler alert: a product’s moisture factor will pretty much determine how much I enjoy the following items.) I haven’t repurchased yet, but likely will.

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer in Cocoa Radiant – I’m a big fan of the original Cocoa Radiant (and its CVS knock off, below), but I didn’t feel like the Spray & Go version lived up to its counterparts. It’s certainly not as moisturizing as the traditional lotion, but the spray feature is nice if you’re in a hurry or trying to reach awkward places like your back. I’ll stick with the original formula from now on though.

Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer – I first got on the cocoa butter lotion train after many a recommendation from YouTube’s LeighAnnSays. Without any strong fragrance this never leaves me feeling rashy or itchy like other lotions can. I have multiple bottles and travel sizes in just about every room of my apartment and handbag I own, and will continue to repurchase.

Essenza Luxury Hand Soap in French Lavender – I’m a sucker for anything lavender scented, and this was a great handwash for the bathroom that lasted us several months. If I come across this brand/scent at Duane Reade again I will repurchase.

Nivea Touch of Serenity Moisturizing Body Wash – I’m on my third bottle of the Nivea Moisturizing Body Wash right now and enjoy its combination of moisture and rich lather. My boyfriend used it for a bit and said he didn’t feel totally clean (you definitely don’t get that squeaky clean feeling, but that’s not what I’m after). I’m trying out a Body Shop body wash next, but will probably go back to Nivea after that one runs out.

Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub – I fond this scrub a bit too harsh for my face, and as such it sat on my shelf mostly unused for several months. Then I spotted it in an empties video from ChelseaWears (another one of my YouTube crushes), where she mentioned that she found it too harsh as well, but used it for a body exfoliant instead to get through the bottle. I gave it a try too, and found this worked perfectly as a pre-shave leg scrub. I doubt I’ll repurchase though, as I’m trying to stick to gentle facial scrubs, and prefer products like the Tea Tree scrub for all over exfoliation.

Is there anything that’s been sitting around your shower forever that you’re trying to use up? Leave a comment so we can all share in the empties love! I’ll be back tomorrow with the final installment of Fall Empties Week, this time showing off the makeup I’ve recently finished (or have deemed horrible/unusable/expired). See you tomorrow!

-LMC ♥

Fall Empties Week- Face Products


Good morning and welcome back to Fall Empties Week. Click back one post if you missed my intro, where I invite you to join me in a week of celebrating shelf clearing, shower decluttering, makeup table simplifying, and overall that feeling of satisfaction that comes with using every last drop before throwing a product away. Today let’s take a look at the recent face products (head products? no good way to name this category…) that I’ve used up–


Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes – Since I started using baby wipes in place of facial cleansing wipes last year I’ve never looked back. Just as gentle, and coming in at way less expensive than your average makeup remover wipe, I will continue to repurchase (although I haven’t found a brand I prefer over the others– as long as it’s unscented it’s fine with me).

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser – This was the first cleanser I purchased on my quest to simplify my skincare routine, and while it hasn’t made it into my Skincare Staples, it does a nice job as a mild cleanser that won’t totally strip your skin of oil or leave it feeling tight. When my skin is feeling particularly out of whack after trying some new products I like to go back to basics and use CeraVe for a few days to calm it down.

Salon Plus & CVS Cotton Swabs – There’s not much to say about these, they were pretty standard cotton buds that I will continue to repurchase (in whatever brand is available and on sale!)

ACT Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash – I picked this up about a year ago on my dentist’s recommendation and have seen less cavities and less tooth sensitivity when I use it regularly. I’ve already purchased another bottle.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – This was another boyfriend product that I helped to use up before we moved on to something new. If the labels were removed I don’t think I could distinguish the Cetaphil from CeraVe- they’re pretty interchangeable in my book. Right now we’re using a Harmon’s brand “compare to Cetaphil” cleanser, so there are a lot of options out there for good mild cleansers if you’re searching for one.

I hope you enjoyed this latest round of empties. Come back tomorrow and Saturday for the last two installments– body products and makeup!

-LMC ♥