Weekend Wrap-up #2

I didn’t have any big plans this weekend, so I got to spend two laid back days just relaxing,  catching up on some errands, and playing Grand Theft Auto V. (Just kidding– that last one was totally the boyfriend, not me!) One project that I wanted to tackle was an update to my current makeup organization and storage. Since my collection is ever-growing (even though I’m trying to be more discerning with my purchases!) I needed more space and a better way to see everything I own so I can get the most use out of it. After a making a trip to the Container Store and re-purposing a few items around the house, I ended up with this:


The shelving on the wall are two old L-shaped bookshelves handed down from my boyfriend’s sister. We installed them fitting into one another to give a nice wall area to showcase my nail polish, perfume, and lipglosses (these are set into old Birchbox boxes and leaning against the wall). Below I added two acrylic drawers from the Container Store which now hold my eye pencils, mascara, powders, blush, foundations, and single eyeshadows. Atop the drawers I’ve put an acrylic 24 lipstick holder (again from the Container Store) and a glass jar to hold lip pencils and liners. To the right I keep a small fan since our bedroom gets a little toasty and a large mirror I picked up on sale at Marshall’s. To the left I have my brushes in glass jars that once held candles (once the wick is gone just stick the candle in the freezer overnight, the next morning the wax will be frozen and you can pop it out cleanly with a plastic knife). In front of the brushes are my lip balm, moisturizers, primers, and setting sprays. All of this is set atop a four-drawer dresser from Ikea with a black finish.

I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of organizing your frequently used items and gazing upon them afterwards to admire your job well done. It’s the same sort of feeling I used to get in elementary school when I’d stay in from recess on a rainy day and clean out and organize my desk and school supplies. This new arrangement has also gotten most of my products out of drawers and bins where many of them sat unused, so I’m hopeful this will get me into a good habit of actually using everything I purchase and waiting to buy more until what I have is used up.

We have some fun travel plans set for next weekend, so expect  Weekend Wrap-Up #3  to be full of a bit more action and photos. Until then, I’d love to hear about your makeup storage techniques and whether you get as much pleasure as I do out of lining up all your mascara tubes in the same direction! ;)

-LMC ♥