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Birchbox Wishlist

A few days ago I opened my inbox to find some exciting news– after attending the Delivery Man screening courtesy of Birchbox last week I was selected to receive a Birchbox gift card! (I guess they liked my twitpic of my boyfriend and I waiting for the show to start.) I am beyond excited and thankful to Birchbox for these pennies from heaven. Since I found out the good news I’ve been trolling the Birchbox site trying to decide what to order, and because I’m not spending my own hard earned cash I figured this was the perfect opportunity to be a little extravagant and pick up some luxury items I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. Here’s what I’m eyeing so far…

Birchbox Wishlist

Have you tried any of these products? They all came as recommendations from my favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers, so I’m pretty confident I’ll enjoy them all. If you have any suggestions of things you’ve loved from your monthly Birchbox (or that can be purchased in their shop) please let me know! With the holidays coming I’ve put myself on a bit of a low-buy (not quite a no-buy, but trying to really reign it in), so this little gift from Birchbox couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m excited to try out some new products and report back on what I love and what’s really worth the hype. See you back here tomorrow for the Weekend Wrap-up. Until then…

-LMC ♥