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My Collection: Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers

Welcome back to another “My Collection” post, where I share all of the colors/finishes I have from a certain product line. Today I’m featuring the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers.


Previously released in the UK as the “Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer,” these hit US drugstore shelves as Show Off Lip Lacquers in Spring 2013. The Show Offs are available in 14 shades ranging from nudes and pinks to plums and reds, some with a cream finish and others containing shimmer. They truly live up to their “lacquer” name, going on rich and opaque with a gorgeous shine. These products have a great staying power, although their creamy consistency never really sets, so you may notice them transferring on to cup/utensils or migrating a bit outside the lip line as the day goes on. I find that quick reapplication and touch up with my finger around the edges of my lips helps to sort out any problems though. After seeing a tip on anther beauty blog I’ve also taken to dotting a bit of the lacquer on my cheeks and blending out with a stippling brush to wear them as a perfect cream blush. A little goes a long way, so be careful though. Overall, if you’re looking for a beautiful liquid lipstick (or cheek tint!) at a drugstore price point, the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers receive my highest recommendation.

Currently in my collection are:

  • Celestial (101) – a cool mauve perfect for a neutral daytime look
  • Apocaliptic (303) – a shockingly bright fun fuchsia
  • Aurora (401) – a coraley pink, great for a fresh spring/summer look
  • Big Bang (400) – a bright true red that I’m loving for the holiday season

Note that the lighting makes these appear more cool toned and muted than their true colors. See the swatches below for a more accurate representation of each shade.

Left to Right: Celestial (101), Apocaliptic (303), Aurora (401), Big Bang (400).
Swatches on the left have no flash (which shows the truest colors) and swatches on the right have flash (which shows the glossy finish).

You’ll notice that I’ve kept my collection to all cream colors (no shimmer) and have skipped out on the lighter colors and nudes, which aren’t really my taste. If you’ve tried any of the sparkly or lighter shades though, I’d love to know what you think of them!

Do you have any Rimmel Show Off (or Apocalips) Lip Lacquers in your collection? Leave a comment and let me know what shades you’re loving.

-LMC ♥


My Collection: Maybelline Color Tattoos

Welcome to the latest My Collection post, where I feature all of the shades/finishes I own of a certain product. If you missed my previous post on Revlon Lip Butters, check it out here. This time I’d like to gush over everyone’s favorite drugstore cream shadow, the Maybelline Color Tattoos. 


Available at most US drugstores, and coming in at a price between $6 to $8, the Maybelline Color Tattoos are a versatile product that should make an appearance in anyone’s makeup collection. Their uses are truly endless– they can be layered under shadow for a long-wearing base, concentrated at the upper or lower lash line as a liner, or packed on the lid and blended out as the perfect one color smokey eye. To add to the fun, Maybelline typically comes out with a few limited edition shades each season that compliment the staples in their standard and Metal collections.


Left to right: Gold Shimmer 300 (Limited Edition), Rich Mahogany 400 (Limited Edition), Bad to the Bronze 25, Tough as Taupe 35, Nude Pink 250 (Limited Edition), Inked in Pink 55, Barely Branded 70

Currently my collection contains mainly neutral shades in a mix of shimmery and matte finishes. Gold Shimmer, a limited edition shade, is a beautiful dirty gold  that I love mixing with a green shadow like Urban Decay’s Mildew for a colorful fall smokey eye. Rich Mahogany is another limited edition shade that features a warm brown with rusty red shimmer, and has the most sheer finish out of all of the Color Tattoos I own. Bad to the Bronze is probably the most talked about shade in this range, and for good reason– it’s a cool metallic bronze that pairs well with any eye color and looks great on its own as a quick wash over the lid (just ask Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup). Tough As Taupe stands out as one of the few matte selections in the permanent collection, and while I love the color the consistency is pretty dry and difficult to work with. (Maybe this is just my pot? If your Tough As Taupe is nice and creamy let me know, perhaps I should pick up another.) Nude Pink was part of the excellent limited edition release this fall and works wonders as my everyday shadow base. When I’m looking for something subtle, but still want a bit of sparkle, I reach for Inked in Pink and wear it alone all over my lid– it works perfectly with my cool-toned fair skin. Barely Branded is another example of what a multitasker these cream shadows can be, as it makes a perfect cream highlight shade for eyes and cheeks in addition to a shadow base.

Overall the Maybelline Color Tattoos are your perfect choice for a cream shadow at an affordable price. Their variety in both shades and finishes means there’s something for everyone, and I’m always excited to see what limited edition offerings they come out with next. Have you tried any of the Maybelline Color Tattoos? If so, leave me a comment with your favorite shade– they’re currently on sale at my local Harmon, but I don’t know which color to try next!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for a special Weekend Wrap-up post featuring my Halloween costume and makeup! Until next time…

-LMC ♥

My Collection: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

Welcome to a new series of posts called My Collection, a chance for you to see all of the products I have from a certain line. I thought this might be helpful for those of you looking to make a new purchase or expand your own collection, and that it would be helpful for me to shop my stash and rediscover old favorites. Let’s kick things off with the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters.


With a formula that’s the perfect mix of lip balm and lipstick, the Revlon Lip Butters go on smooth and sheer, but can be built up for a more bold, vibrant look. They give a hydrated feel to the lips and wear evenly for several hours. I find they have no discernible taste or scent, which is perfect for those of you who aren’t fans of overly fragranced cosmetics. A wide shade range is available, with new and limited edition colors typically added each season. My only complaint about this product (and something I find with most Revlon lippies) is that I need to fully remove the product before reapplying, or else it will look a little cakey on my lips. This could just be my personal experience though, and it isn’t really a big deal overall. With their comfortable feel  and ability to be applied sheer or opaque, I think these are a great lip product for beginners or those who prefer a “no makeup” makeup look.


Left to right: Red Velvet (040), Raspberry Pie (010), Wild Watermelon (063), Sugar Plum (085)

Currently my Lip Butter collection contains Red Velvet (a deep brown-based red), Raspberry Pie (a bold plum with pink undertones), Wild Watermelon (a bright pink with an orange base), and Sugar Plum (a soft purpley-brown mauve). Raspberry Pie is my latest purchase and has quickly become my go-to for an autumnal berry lip. Wild Watermelon is a fun shade that allows you to easily rock a pop of color, and gets bonus points from me because it perfectly matched the pink streaks in my hair last spring! Red Velvet and Sugar Plum are more understated, but beautiful colors to wear when you want to look polished and put together and don’t want to worry about your lip color throughout the day.

As I’m sure you can tell, I’d give the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters two big thumbs up. I’m always on the lookout for what shade I should add to my collection next, so leave me a comment with your favorite lip butter!

-LMC ♥