Visit to Dermalogica Academy


Dermalogica Academy in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood is best described as the lovechild that would result if your favorite spa mated with an Apple store. The minimal glass and chrome decor is an echo of Dermalogica’s line of skincare products– cleanly packaged and free from any fluff, it’s just straightforward and full of the finest ingredients. I had long been curious to try Dermalogica’s brand of products, and when a friend recently came into town for a visit I figured it was the perfect occasion to book facials at the Academy and see what their products were all about.

Dermalogica Academy trains Professional Skin Therapists, covering coursework that sounds straight out of a Pre-Med program. Topics include Bacteriology, Chemistry, and Superfluous Hair (okay, maybe the MD’s don’t take that one).  Our visit to Dermalogica Academy included a 60-minute customized skin treatment carried out by one of the Skin Therapists in training (and closely supervised by their instructors), which featured an individualized routine of cleansing, exfoliation, masks, toners, and extractions. Every procedure begins with a face mapping skin analysis covering all 14 zones of the face (yeah, I had no idea the face was so complicated either), noting whether each zone contains breakouts, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, sensitivity, and a host of other skincare concerns.

After the face mapping the fun really began. First any makeup was removed and our face, ears, and neck (all 14 zones, remember?) were cleansed and lightly exfoliated. Since my friend and I have different skin types we were treated to entirely customized treatments from this point forward. She received a hydrating and firming mask that was vaguely reminiscent of the facial prosthetics from Mrs. Doubtfire. (Kudos to her for not suffocating!) I was treated to an extensive round of pore extraction followed by a mask of colloidal oatmeal plus a round of small electric pulses (read: shocks)  intended to kill bacteria and diminish breakouts. As you can tell, this isn’t your typical tranquil day at the spa– a trip to Dermalogica Academy definitely puts the “medi” in medi-spa, feeling more like a visit (albeit a relaxing one) to a high-end dermatologists office.

Overall we left our treatments feeling refreshed, with a good sense of what our skin needed to be its healthiest and look its best. (My list includes more moisture, less fragrance, and a break from my beloved Clarisonic every now and then.) Finally we stopped by the Skin Bar to discuss some Dermalogica products that would be suited to our needs. I went home with the UltraCalming Cleanser and Daily Microfoliant, and samples of the Clean Start Emergency Spot Fix, Precleanse oil, Pure Light SPF 30 day cream, and Pure Night night cream. I’m still working through the samples and forming my opinions, so look for reviews soon to come. So far I can say that I am absolutely loving the UltraCalming cleanser and just may purchase a full size once my travel sized bottle runs out.


I loved my experience at Dermalogica Academy and have been incorporating many of the tips and techniques recommended by my Skin Therapist into my daily routine. I’m excited to visit again and keep testing out their products as well. Have you tried anything from the Dermalogica line? Leave a comment if you have any recommendations that I should try next. And if you’re ever in New York City and your skin needs a little pick me up, head over to Dermalogica Academy- stat!

-LMC ♥



  1. I just discovered Dermalogica and blogged about their skinperfect primer that I am obsessed with! It is the only product that actually keeps me shine free! I MUST visit the academy! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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