Birchbox- January 2014

Welcome back lovely readers to another monthly edition of Birchbox show-and-tell. Birchbox was very good to me in January, so let’s cut straight to the chase and talk some deluxe samples…


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Let me start off by saying that I’ve been dying to try this product since first hearing British beauty bloggers rave about its skin transforming capabilities. Then when I heard last fall that Birchbox would be offering exclusive Liz Earle sample kits I was over the moon, until month after month my box would arrive sans the cute little Liz Earle blue box. This month that all changed though and I finally got the chance to try what many claim is the holy grail of hot cloth cleansers, and (are you ready for it?) I was left disappointed. Perhaps it just couldn’t live up to its cult status and hype, but there’s no way I’d choose Liz Earle over my current favorite Boots Botanics balm (see love for that stuff here). The bottom line: it’s a good hot cloth cleanser with adorable packaging that doesn’t irritate the skin or sting the eyes, but if you’re looking for something to impart heavy duty moisture or break down serious makeup, I’d still reach for the Boots Botanics.

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy (Midnight Monarch scent) –  I’m loving the hand creams from Birchbox lately, and this version from Camille Beckman is no exception. It goes on rich and creamy and absorbs quickly so you aren’t left sitting around with greasy hands for an hour. The scent is a bit perfumey for my taste, but isn’t overly offensive and doesn’t stick around for too long.  A little goes a long way too, so this tiny pot should last me for at least a week or two.

Nelson j Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask – I suppose I should preface by stating that my hair is dreadfully over-processed and dehydrated, so it’s basically a miracle if I notice any sort of difference after just one use of a conditioning treatment. I definitely have no complaints about this argan oil, rosemary, and mint infused mask, it did the job and left my hair feeling moisturized yet non-greasy, I just didn’t work any magic so I probably won’t run out to buy the full size anytime soon.

Ruby Wing nail polish (Kitten Heels) – I wanted to love this little polish, after all my cat’s name is Ruby, and I love a good hot pink mani. I was even more excited to discover that while this polish goes on pink it morphs to a cherry red shade when exposed to sunlight– awesome! The polish went on smooth and fairly opaque (I didn’t use a base coat and it was fine, but I probably will next time just to help the neon pop a bit more) and hasn’t begun to chip although I’ve had it on for a few days. The only downfall is its color-changing claims, which I haven’t gotten to work! Granted, there isn’t much opportunity for sunbathing in New York City in January, but even on a sunny day while walking outside for 15-20 minutes I noticed  no change at all to the color. It’s a good polish though, so I’ll keep it in my stash and give it another go once summer rolls around.

Under Armour Braided Mini Headband – Thank you, Birchbox, this is just what I needed! I’m in the process of growing out an asymmetrical bob that’s pretty unruly, especially when I try to pull it back. This headband fits snugly and stays in place thanks to a rubber lining on the back of the fabric, and its bright colors and braided design pop against my newly darkened hair. When you compare this with lifestyle extras from past months (hello Chapstick and crushed pretzels?) it’s a HUGE win!

Overall I’d say this was a great month for Birchbox, with an excellent combination of products, all of which performed pretty well. I’m excited for what February has in store! Leave a comment and let me know what you got in this month’s Birchbox and how you’re liking your samples. Until next time…

-LMC ♥


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