Weekend Wrap-up #6: Happy Halloween!

Happy Monday and welcome to the Weekend Wrap-up! This weekend was filled with lots of fun, but coming in at the top of my list were the Halloween parties I attended on Saturday night. Although Halloween is still a few days away we spent Saturday celebrating as a group of friends hosted an apartment crawl through their respective places in the Lower East Side.

In debating what costume I would wear this year I knew that I wanted it to incorporate fun make up (whether girly or gruesome, I wasn’t sure), and my boyfriend and I wanted to go as a couple so we needed something to fit a “his and hers” pair. After browsing blogs and Pinterest for a bit we settled on our theme– a pair of pop art inspired, Roy Lichtenstein-esque comic book characters!


Overall the costume was pretty easy to put together using our own (brightest) clothes, an assortment of my makeup, and the addition of some colored hair spray and a wig from the costume store. I have to say we got quite a few compliments throughout the evening, and my boyfriend even won a prize for his costume at one of the parties we attended! Here’s a closer shot of each of us, along with a list of products used to achieve the look…


Comic Girl: L’oreal True Match foundation in C1 “Alabaster”, Rimmel Stay Matte powder in “Translucent”, Wet ‘n Wild Megashield lip color in “That’s Berry Beautiful” (dots), Sephora  Waterproof Smokey Cream Liner in “Must Have” (brows, eyes, and facial lines) , Wet ‘n Wild Pop Art Craze eye shadow palette in “To Muse And Carouse (blue)”, NYX lipliner in “Fuchsia”, Ulta Eye Crayon in “Little White Lies” (shadow base and lip highlight), and a pair of super dramatic lashes and a bright wig (these were just a random brands from the costume shop).


Comic Guy: L’oreal True Match foundation in C1 “Alabaster”, Rimmel Stay Matte powder in “Translucent”, Wet ‘n Wild Megashield lip color in “That’s Berry Beautiful” (dots), Sephora  Waterproof Smokey Cream Liner in “Must Have” (brows, eyes, and facial lines), temporary hair color spray in black (over all) and blue (as a highlight shade).

A few expert tips for those of you thinking about recreating this costume for Halloween (since I’ll be doing it for the fourth time tomorrow before my boyfriend’s office Halloween party I’m a bit of an expert!)–

  • Start with a very pale, flat, well-powdered base.
  • Apply the lipstick (anything fairly creamy and opaque in the red/orange/pink family will work) with a Q-tip to get the perfect uniform dots.
  • I found the Real Techniques Fine Liner brush worked perfectly for our facial lines, but any thin liner, brow, or lip brush would probably work too.
  • If you’re a guy and going for color hair spray I recommend doing one layer all over to give a flat looking base, then going back in with either white or blue to add some highlights. Use a piece of paper or cardboard to get crisp lines when spraying near your hair line.
  • Prepare to keep your hands away from your face all night– it’s harder than you’d think!
  • If you’re stumped, look up some old comics as a reference for color, shading, and overall style. Luckily we have quite the comic collection at home, so I was all set.

I hope you enjoyed our Pop Art Halloween looks! Is your costume ready for Thursday yet? If not, I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration!

-LMC ♥


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