L’oreal Color Riche La Laque & Le Matte

Since a lot of my makeup posts have been on high-end products recently I thought it was about time to give a drugstore brand some love. The timing was perfect, as I stumbled upon a display for the new limited edition L’oreal Color Riche La Laque and Le Matte lipsticks in my local Duane Reade a few days ago. I’d seen some buzz on these products around the blog/YouTube community, so I was excited to pick up a few shades and try them out!

Unfortunately there isn’t any information on the L’oreal website about these, so everything I know is via beauty blogs and my personal experience. The display describes them as “lipstick + lipliner in one” and holds eight shades– four matte and four glossy. Sadly there are only slots for two tubes of each shade, so I imagine these are being scooped up quickly. The one I found had  six of the eight shades left, so I considered my selection pretty good.

From to to bottom: 414 "I Laque You A Lot", 411 "Never Laque-ing", 409 "Matte For Me", & 404 "Matte-r Of Fact"

From top to bottom: 414 “I Laque You A Lot”, 411 “Never Laque-ing”, 409 “Matte For Me”, & 404 “Matte-r Of Fact”


The formula of the La Laque shades is extremely soft and creamy with a high-shine glossy finish. The Le Matte shades go on smooth, and while they’re not completely matte they do feature a satin finish without any gloss or sparkle. The angled point of these a retractable pencils that make them effortless to apply.  My only complaint is that the colors on the display and (slightly less so) the packaging don’t exactly match the color that will show up on your lips. For reference, here is a lip swatch of each:

414 "I Laque You A Lot"

414 “I Laque You A Lot”

411 "Never Laque-ing"

411 “Never Laque-ing”

409 "Matte For Me"

409 “Matte For Me”

404 "Matte-r Of Fact"

404 “Matte-r Of Fact”


Overall I think these are a very unique product from the drugstore with the look and quality of a higher-end product. I hope that L’oreal will add these to their permanent collection, or at least come out with seasonal limited edition releases. Have you tried the La Laque or Le Matte lipcolors yet? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


-LMC ♥

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