New MAC purchases: Eyeshadows

Last night was my first evening on the town wearing a fabulous smokey eye featuring some of the new MAC eyeshadows I recently picked up. Overall the colors were beautiful and held up flawlessly through a night of humidity and rain. Below I’ll feature the new colors I added to my collection, along with my thoughts on each. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more on the new blush, lipstick, and brush I picked up as well. Enjoy!



From left to right: Club, Satin Taupe, Cranberry, Antiqued, Expensive Pink, Vex.

Overall these shadows are highly pigmented with a smooth, buttery texture. They lasted without creasing or fading for an entire evening, even with time spent walking in the rain and sitting in a humid lounge. They definitely live up to the high quality reputation of MAC products, and I would not hesitate to purchase more to expand my collection in the future. (Let’s just wait until my next pay check arrives!) Now for a bit more detail on each shade…



The MAC website describes Club as a red brown with green pearl (satin finish). In my opinion the base of this shade is more of a cool brown/gray, and the pearlescent green effect when the light hits is amazing. I’ve gotten recommendations to wear Club on its own in a sheer wash all over the lid and up into the crease, as the chameleon-like quality of this shadow can make it appear as various layers of shadow rather than just one. Last night this was a great addition to my smokey eye, blended into the outer corner of my eye and smudged under my lower lash line. Of all the colors in my recent purchase, Club is my favorite so far.



Satin Taupe is described as a taupe with silver shimmer and a frost finish, which is certainly accurate. Having earned cult-status as a MAC favorite among the beauty community this was the first shadow I had on my MAC wishlist. While it doesn’t feature some of the crazy pearl or duo-chrome of some other shades I purchased, it’s a beautiful neutral color that I anticipate wearing frequently.



I’m so excited to a berry colored eye for the fall season and the minute I tried Cranberry at the MAC store I knew it was the color to get the look I was after. A frost finish with a red-plum base and pink shimmer, Cranberry can lean either warm or cool depending on how the light hits it. While the Garnet shade in my Lorac PRO palette is a little too ruddy for my taste, Cranberry is the perfect deep shade for an autumnal smokey eye.



I was on the hunt for another neutral shade from MAC, but was intent on finding a color that wasn’t too similar to something from the Lorac PRO and Unzipped palettes, which are my daily go-to for eyeshadows. After assessing what I already owned it seemed that a nice rusty brown would fit perfectly into my collection, which is what brought me to Antiqued, an ash brown with bronze and a veluxe pearl finish. The hint of orange in this shade really brings out the green tones in my hazel eyes and makes it another perfect color for fall (although I’m sure I’ll wear it year-round!).



Expensive Pink is another chameleon-like shade that I’d never seen anything like before and knew I had to own the minute I spotted it at the MAC store. A pink duo-chrome shade with a veluxe pearl finish, in varying lights this color goes from pink to orange to gold and back again. I think it could also double as a gorgeous blush, so I may have to give that a try sometime too. The berry-colored fall eye look I’m planning with Cranberry would be gorgeous with a pop of Expensive Pink in the middle of the lid, so look for a photo soon when I get the chance to try out that combination.



While MAC describes Vex as a beige with pink and green pearl and a frost finish, the best way I can think of to describe it is that beautiful mother-of-pearl shade found on the interior of some seashells. Like Cranberry, this shade can pull warm or cool depending on the lighting, and like Club it’s difficult to put your finger precisely on what color family it belongs to. When checking out MAC favorites like Naked Lunch and Nylon I was less than wow-ed, but knew I wanted to add a light shade to my collection. The minute I saw Vex I was blown away and knew that it would be the perfect inner corner and highlight shade for me.


I hope you enjoyed this roundup of my lovely new MAC shadows. Unfortunately last night was a bit too chaotic to snap a good photo of my smokey eye featuring Club and Vex, but the next time I wear some of these colors I’ll be sure to post a photo. Come back tomorrow to see the brush, lipstick, and blush I recently purchased from MAC, and look for another post on Sunday after my visit to the Birchbox Local shop. Until then, enjoy the weekend!

-LMC ♥



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