Coming soon: new MAC purchases

I had a bit of a “seven year old on Christmas morning” feeling yesterday when my boyfriend brought home a bag full of new MAC cosmetics! A coworker of his with a Pro discount was sweet enough to let me tack on a few items to her order, and last night the beauties arrived at my door. I did a full round of photos and swatches last night and plan to wear everything over the next few days to get a real first impression of the products. I’ll be posting more details in the days to come, but for now, here’s a tiny sneak peek!


I’ve already fallen in love with most everything and have begun a new MAC wishlist for the next time I decide to place an order. If you have any recommendations on your MAC must-have’s, please let me know!

-LMC ♥



  1. Oh’ my goodness, you have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world because he knows someone with a crazy discount! You are a very lucky girl. I’m hoping to ask to some MAC products for my birthday as it is my 16th, because I at the moment can’t afford it! Looking forward to the full blog post :) x

    1. It’s true, I am very lucky to have him and his sweet friend! I think makeup is a great idea for a birthday gift, especially if it’s a nice product that you know you’ll use frequently and treasure for a long time. Look for a post tomorrow with photos and some of my first impressions! <3

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