Birchbox Local

I just learned (via the lovely Lily Pebbles’ recent NYC vlog) that Birchbox has opened up a “sample bar” in Chelsea Market. It’s funny that a British blogger turned me on to a new spot located just a few blocks from where I live! I’m not sure how long the shop will be open (I believe it’s in one of their spaces normally reserved for pop-ups), but I’ll be visiting on Sunday to check it out. They’re offering polish changes and hair/makeup “freshen ups” along with $15 in store credit (the price to make your own customized sample box) tomorrow through Monday. I’ll report back after my visit with more details on what this new spot’s all about!



More info on Birchbox Local @

Find Lily Pebbles @



    1. I’m totally addicted to Birchbox unboxing blogs/vlogs, but I haven’t taken the plunge and signed up yet. I’m really excited to visit their shop on Sunday though! We’ll see, maybe it will convince me to join. :)

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